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In a time long past, an evil is about to be unleashed that will reignite the war between the forces of the supernatural and humankind once more. Master Gregory (Jeff Bridges) is a knight who had imprisoned the malevolently powerful witch, Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore), centuries ago. But now she has escaped and is seeking vengeance. Summoning her followers of every incarnation, Mother Malkin is preparing to unleash her terrible wrath on an unsuspecting world. Only one thing stands in her way: Master Gregory. In a deadly reunion, Gregory comes face to face with the evil he always feared would someday return. He has only until the next full moon to do what usually takes years: train his new apprentice, Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) to fight a dark magic unlike any other. Man's only hope lies in the seventh son of a seventh son. (c) WB

About Seventh Son

Artist : Julianne Moore, Kit Harington, Alicia Vikander, Ben Barnes, Jeff Bridges
As : Mother Malkin, Billy Bradley, Alice, Tom Ward, Master Gregory, Radu
Title : Love Movies Regarder Seventh Son Gratis High Quality
Release date : 2015-02-06
Movie Code : 1121096
Duration : 120
Category : Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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Screen Of Seventh Son

screen Seventh Son watch Seventh Son poster Seventh Son
Seventh Son

poster Seventh Son

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Comment For Seventh Son Aanhangwagen Review

Jordan Mintzer Comment Seventh SonName : Jordan Mintzer / Alias : Hollywood Reporter
Son of a dud.
Peter Debruge Comment Seventh SonName : Peter Debruge / Alias : Variety
An over-designed, under-conceived fantasy epic in which even topnotch contributors can't get the chemistry right, leaving Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore looking silly.

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